The Country Ladybug
All our Gourds are Grown in Maine By "Karen"
Karen has been growing, harvesting & Hand Painting her
"One of a Kind" gourds for over 10 years.
 Most of the gourds grown are made into Birdhouses and the others are  made into unique art objects!
ALL our gourds are treated for outside use and completely protected ​

Please click the Traveling L adybug at the right to see photos of where our gourds are grown.
We have several other designs that we have sold in the past and can do similar or take orders for a specific theme.

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Ladybug Summer Drink Birdhouse Gourd

This Ladybug Sharing Lemonade with a Bumblebee is
approx. 12" tall not including stem and she is 6.8" in Dia.
with a circumference of 21.5 inches.
Attached handle for hanging

Your Price: $32.00
Swimming Loon Gourd Birdhouse

This natural colored Loon birdhouse is
approx. 14 1/2" tall
It's circumference is 30" and diam. is 9.5"
It has a matching leather handle for hanging
All our birdhouses are treated for protection from the elements.

Your Price: $45.00
Ruby Red Apple Gourd Birdhouse

This apple birdhouse is ready for any bird family with its attached leaves and matching hanging handle
It stands 7.5 " Tall (not including stem)
it is 18" circumference & 5.73" diam.

Your Price: $25.00
Natural Flying Loon Gourd Birdhouse

This flying Loon is a combination of hand painting & burning of the design
 It has the standard leather handle for hanging and is coated for protection from the weather.
It is approx. 14 1/2" tall  (not including stem)  27" circumference, 8.6" diam.
It must be seen up close for great detailing. Please click on photo to enlarge.

Your Price: $45.00
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Santa's Village Workshop Birdhouse

This​​ birdhouse gourd is approx. 26"  around & 11" tall
Santa & his reindeer are circling the workshop

Goose Centerpiece Gourd

This Goose is not a birdhouse but a textured painted gourd that will make a great centerpiece. It is adorned with a Christmas ribbon but you can change out the ribbon for any season

He is approx. 21" around and tallest point is 10" off base​​​​

Christmas Delivery Birdhouse Gourd

This old fashioned delivery boy is a welcome site with his package and wreath. Great for the birds or to just hand on your deck for ornament.

It is approx. 18" around & 9 1/2" tall

Large Lighted Fall Leaves Hand painted Gourd

This gourd needs to be seen to really appreciate the cut out leaves and painted colors. It has an opening in the back where a battery operated light goes in (light included) and when lit up it makes a great night light hung anywhere in your home.

This is approx. 33" around & 16" tall  ​​

Goose Gourd Centerpiece with Fall Leaves

This goose gourd sits upon a base and is approx. 24" around & 14 1/2" tall and is adorned with colorful fall leaves​​ completely around for a full circle view

Gnome Santa Centerpiece

This cute Gnome Santa is painted front & back for a full 360 degree view

He is approx. 20" around and 11" tall

Elf Birdhouse Gourd

This birdhouse gourd features an adorable elf and flowers & vines in a 360 degree view with hanger attached.
He is approx. 22" around & 8 1/2" tall

Snowman Birdhouse Gourd

This Happy snowman featured on bright red gourd with golden accessories and leaves will make a fine home for any bird.

It is approx. 17" around & 9" tall and hanger is  already attached​​​​

Butterfly Gourd Birdhouse

This brightly painted birdhouse gourd features a big blue butterfly as well as brightly colored flowers completely around this large gourd.
It has a bubble finish (similar to crackle finish)
It is approx. 27" around & 13" tall

 Gourd Easter Basket & Gourd Egg & Bunny

​​ Karen's Easter Creation is made from several gourds. The Gourd Basket  is 13" tall and 26" around & it holds a multi-color gourd egg with a bunny on it and is 5 1/2" tall and 11" around. The Easter Bunny gourd is 4" tall & 7 1/2" around.
This gourd trio is all hand painted and coated and would make a great way to display some of your own Easter Treats as well.


Hot Air Balloon Gourd Birdhouse

Any bird will be happy to claim this hot air balloon as home.
The Balloon is  approx 21" around &13" tall (18" w/basket)
Special coated for weather protection​​​​.

Bee & Honey Comb Gourd Birdhouse

Bees & more Bees​​! This fun gourd birdhouse will start conversation for sure. 
This Honey Comb house is approx. 29" around & 16" tall.

Bees included

Butterfly Gourd Birdhouse

This unique gourd birdhouse comes complete with it's own butterflies and hand painted flowers.
This gourd is approx. 26" around & 10" tall.
It is coated for the elements.

Pine Cone Gourd Lamp Centerpiece

This one of a kind pine cone lamp can be converted to just a centerpiece by disconnecting the cord from the back and using just as a decoration on any surface

The Gourd is approx. 25" around & 11" tall
The roof is decorated with natural pine cone pieces, shutters are wooden and all hand painted decoration​​​​​. This is coated but not recommended for outside use.

Black Bear Gourd Centerpiece 

This happy black bear  w/bee hive sits on any flat surface and is coated but not recommended for outside use.

He is approx. 21" around and stands 9 1/2" tall

$ 24.99 ​​​​
Lighthouse Gourd Birdhouse

This bright & colorful gourd birdhouse is approx. 25" around & 12" tall . Hanger attached and coated for weather protection.
Blue Gourd Hot Air Balloon Birdhouse

This fun birdhouse is approx. 15 1/2" tall & w/basket about 19 1/2" total. It is approx 24" around. As usual all my birdhouses are coated for weather protection and will keep their colorful appearance for many years of happy birds.

Under The Sea Gourd Birdhouse

This whimsical ​​Under the Sea design is a colorful design with 360 degree design. Click on photos for a larger look. It is approx. 11" Tall & 24" around w/ matching hanger attached. 

Gourd Butterfly House

Slots in the Butterfly Houses keep our birds while giving butterflies protection from wind & cold. This Gourd house is completely coated for weather protection and stands approx. 12" tall and 23" around and is a whimsical hanging with hanger attached. Hang near your best butterfly garden for best results

Bright Red Hummingbird Gourd Birdhouse

​ This 7" Tall & 16" around Hummingbird Gourd Birdhouse is designed for only hummingbirds with a smaller hole for entry. Weather protected & ready to hang near your flower garden

Snowie Egret Gourd Birdhouse

This Hand painted Gourd Birdhouse with a beautiful Snowie Egret will make a great home for any bird or just for decoration hanging anywhere. It is coated for weather protection. It is approx. 20" around & 8" tall.

Dragonfly & Forsythia Gourd Birdhouse

This hand painted Gourd Birdhouse is adorned with Dragonflies & Forsythias​​ and is coated for weather protection. It is approx. 17" around & 10" tall with matching hanger.

$18.99 ​​
Textured Roof Acorn
​Gourd Birdhouse

This acorn style gourd birdhouse has a textured roof and appears to just be wearing a hat! It is approx. 20" around on the hat and 16" around on the gourd & stands a full 14" tall and has matching hanger. Completely coated for the elements.

Dragon Fly & Lilly of the Valley Gourd Birdhouse w/ Perch

This brightly colored birdhouse has a 10" long perch & the house is approx. 18" around & 8 1/2" tall. Birds love to perch before entering nest.

Magnolia Gourd Birdhouse

This beautiful gourd birdhouse is hand painted with bright Magnolias upon the stark black background.  It is approx.11 1/2" tall & 26" around. It is coated for weather protection, however, black does fade quicker than most colors so a shady place to hang it will prolong it's bright color. With the coating on the black it looks in some places like it bubbles but is an added feature and looks great for any bird.

Gingerbread Cottage Birdhouse

This house is approx. 18" around and 9" tall

​The gingerbread man may be running away but the birds will love it!​​​

Nubble Lighthouse Gourd Birdhouse

What a special birdhouse or just hang it on your deck for decoration. Nubble Light in York, Maine is a historic lighthouse & great home for any bird. It is approx. 24" around & 11" tall and weather coated.

Feeding the Birds Gourd Birdhouse

This unique gourd birdhouse will be a "Welcome Home​​" for any bird family. It is approx. 11" tall & 22" around w/ matching hanger & coated for weather protection.

Beach Birds Gourd Birdhouse

This brightly painted Gourd Birdhouse is perfect for any bird family, from the beach to your deck. It is approx. 8 1/2" tall & 19" around and weather coated.

Cats in Garden Gourd Birdhouse

This whimsical pair of cats are ​​roaming through the garden . Your birds will still love to nest inside of this 18 1/2" around & 10" tall birdhouse. Coated for weather protection.