The Country Ladybug
All our Gourds are Grown in Maine By "Karen"
Karen has been growing, harvesting & Hand Painting her
"One of a Kind" gourds for over 10 years.
 Most of the gourds grown are made into Birdhouses and the others are  made into unique art objects!
ALL our gourds are treated for outside use and completely protected ​

Please click the Traveling L adybug at the right to see photos of where our gourds are grown.
We have several other designs that we have sold in the past and can do similar or take orders for a specific theme.

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Santa's Village Workshop Birdhouse

This​​ birdhouse gourd is approx. 26"  around & 11" tall
Santa & his reindeer are circling the workshop

Goose Centerpiece Gourd

This Goose is not a birdhouse but a textured painted gourd that will make a great centerpiece. It is adorned with a Christmas ribbon but you can change out the ribbon for any season

He is approx. 21" around and tallest point is 10" off base​​​​

Christmas Delivery Birdhouse Gourd

This old fashioned delivery boy is a welcome site with his package and wreath. Great for the birds or to just hand on your deck for ornament.

It is approx. 18" around & 9 1/2" tall

Gnome Santa Centerpiece

This cute Gnome Santa is painted front & back for a full 360 degree view

He is approx. 20" around and 11" tall

Elf Birdhouse Gourd

This birdhouse gourd features an adorable elf and flowers & vines in a 360 degree view with hanger attached.
He is approx. 22" around & 8 1/2" tall

Snowman Birdhouse Gourd

This Happy snowman featured on bright red gourd with golden accessories and leaves will make a fine home for any bird.

It is approx. 17" around & 9" tall and hanger is  already attached​​​​

Blue Gourd Hot Air Balloon Birdhouse

This fun birdhouse is approx. 15 1/2" tall & w/basket about 19 1/2" total. It is approx 24" around. As usual all my birdhouses are coated for weather protection and will keep their colorful appearance for many years of happy birds.

Gingerbread Cottage Birdhouse

This house is approx. 18" around and 9" tall

​The gingerbread man may be running away but the birds will love it!​​​

Pine Cone Gourd Birdhouse
Complete with Birds!

This adorable gourd birdhouse has a thatched roof look completely made of pine cones. The windows are adorned with pine cones. There is a nest inside with a bird and the perch on the outside has another bird keeping watch. This fun gourd is coated but we suggest it only be used on your deck under cover to protect the artificial birds. Great decorative piece.
It is 29 1/2" around and 15" tall

Cabin in the Woods Gourd Birdhouse

This scene goes completely around the birdhouse for full viewing from all sides. It is Approx 27" around & 14" tall and completely coated for weather protection and has attached matching hanger

Floral Goose Gourd Centerpiece

This goose gourd centerpiece is painted with bright colored flowers and is approx. 12 1/2" tall & 24" around the widest point and sits on a sturdy base.

Swimming Loon Gourd Birdhouse

This beautifully painted gourd birdhouse has a loon among the cat tails with  his reflection on the water.
It is approx. 14" tall & 26" around and completely coated for weather protection

This Morning Glory Gourd Birdhouse 
is stained natural to show off the delicate hand painted flowers.
It is approx. 14" tall & 22" around with matching hanger. Great for any bird making their home

White Flowers & Butterflies Gourd Birdhouse

The mix of butterflies & flowers make for a great nesting place for your birds. It is approx. 9" tall & 23" around and fully treated for weather.

Cardinal Gourd Birdhouse

This beautiful Cardinal sits upon a birch branch waiting for you to take him home. It is 12" tall & 21" around and fully weather treated

Set of 3 Little Pig Night Lights / Lamps Gourds

This unique set of lamps/nightlights are ​​gourds designed as the 3 Pigs Houses

1) The Straw house is 11" tall and 29" around
2) The​​​ Wood house is 12" tall and 29" around
3) The Brick house is 12" tall and approx 28" around and the bricks are made of gourd pieces
Each house has a electric cord that lights them with an on/off switch and sits flat on your table or dresser

$ 125.00 for all 3 houses​​
Wild Turkey Gourd Birdhouse

This fall decorated gourd birdhouse has a unique wild turkey walking through leaves
It is approx. 12" tall & 23" around and coated for weather protection

 Scarecrow Gourd Birdhouse

This Scarecrow has a lot to be happy for sitting among the corn stocks and pumpkins
​ waiting for your bird family to call it home.
​It is ​​11 1/2" tall and 28" around

Santa Gourd Birdhouse

This Santa Gourd Birdhouse a great decoration inside or use as birdhouse outside. It is completely weather protected
It is approx. 16" tall & 30 1/2" around

Black Goose w/ Ladybug Gourd Birdhouse

This unique black goose gourd birdhouse is approx. 11" tall at highest point and
​25" around and has a ladybug sitting on the white flower at entrance of the house.
​Great as decoration but is coated for weather protection if used outdoors as birdhouse

Halloween Skeleton Gourd Light

This creepy Halloween Skull / Skeleton is the perfect decoration for your deck. It can hang by itself or you can plug it in. Photo to the right is a lit version
It is 9" tall & 22 1/2" around​​​ and comes with the light inside

$ 22.95​​
Halloween Skull Gourd Light

This scary Halloween Skull is just what your front door needs to invite you in
​It can just hang as is (left photo or plug it in at night (right photo)
​It is 9 1/2" tall and 24" around .​

Flying Gourd Ghost Light

This ghost gourd light is happy to fly in the wind by itself ( left photo) & then at night you can plug it in and light it up​​ ( left photo)
It is 15" tall & 27" around
​It comes with a red and a white bulb​

Halloween Ghost Gourd Light

This ghost blowing in the wind will be great for daylight decorations ( left photo)
​& then plug it in for night frights!​​( right photo)
It is 15" tall & 31" around
It comes with both red & white bulb

Gourd Yarn Bowl

This one of a kind gourd yarn bowl is hand painted and coated so the yarn will not catch
It is 6 1/2" tall & 24" around
Great as a gift for any knit or crochet project

Ladybugs Tea Party Gourd Birdhouse

These happy ladybugs are gathering for tee
The birdhouse is 13 1/2" tall & 28" around and completely coated for weather protection

Goose Gourd Birdhouse

The geese on this natural color gourd are from wood burning into the gourd and coated for weather protection
It is 10" tall & 23" around